Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pushing Daisies Movie and Letter to AMC

Series star Kristin Chenoweth has indicated that a movie to cap off the series could happen. She said that show creator Bryan Fuller has an idea that would wrap up most of the plotlines left unresolved at the end of the second season. She has said that the core cast would almost certainly reunite for a movie and that Paul Reubens may even reprise his role as Oscar Vibenius from the first season if the movie went forward.

Bad news is that even if this movie did happen, it seems unlikely that it would lead to new episodes seeing as Fuller as already returned to Heroes and Cheneweth is now contracted to David E. Kelly's new show on NBC, Legally Mad. However, I think the movie idea presents a good opportunity on how to approach AMC. Get them interested in producing that, and, based on how it does, perhaps they could use that as a launching point for a third season if they could work out some sort of deal with Fuller and the main cast.

Following is the letter that I have written to AMC addressing the idea. If we all continue to communicate with them and let them know how much we love the show, maybe they will greenlight the movie. It definitely can't hurt to try.

Letter to AMC:

To the Program Directors of AMC,

I am writing this letter to request that you consider adding Pushing Daisies to the current line of original programming on your network. This is an excellent and unique series unlike anything on television and a shining example of quality programming that won an Emmy last year and will almost certainly receive attention from those awards this year. As you know, ABC recently cancelled the series and I believe that AMC would be perfect as a new home for the show as you have already demonstrated a commitment to quality television with such programming as Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Pushing Daisies would be the perfect complement to these two excellent shows.

Daisies would also bring a built in fan base which would certainly follow it to your network. These fans lobbied hard for ABC to continue the series demonstrated by the letters, daisies, seeds, and pies sent to the network. An online petition created to show support for the series has received almost 80,000 signatures as of this writing (

Series creator Bryan Fuller has publicly stated that he has an idea for a movie to continue the series. This would perhaps present your network with an excellent starting point to pickup the franchise. With your support, Fuller’s movie could wrap-up the current storylines and present a launching point for a continuation of the show beloved by so many fans such as myself.

Please consider adding Pushing Daisies to your original programming as it would fit very well with your current line-up and continue to demonstrate your commitment to quality television.

Thank you for you consideration and thank you for keeping quality programming alive on television.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Move Pushing Daisies to AMC Campaign

An initiative has started up to convince AMC to pick up Pushing Daisies for a third season. This seems like one of the more likely cable networks that the show could migrate to as it has already demonstrated a commitment to quality series television with shows like Mad Men. I do not know how the logistics would work seeing as they have already torn down the Daisies sets and seeing as how the episode cost is probably much higher than what AMC would typically budget for an original series. Still, I think it is worth a try as I do not see another network or cable channel where Pushing Daisies would be a good fit. I have attempted to contact AMC to find out if they truly have an interest in the show, but have received no response yet. Following is the information on how to contact them (ironically, they are located in town of Jericho):

Snail Mail:
AMC Viewer Services
200 Jericho Quadrangle
Jericho, NY 11753



If enough of us let them know that we would like to see them pick up Pushing Daisies, perhaps they will make a serious attempt to work out a deal with ABC/Disney. For the forum following this campaign, go to: