Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pushing Daisies Movie and Letter to AMC

Series star Kristin Chenoweth has indicated that a movie to cap off the series could happen. She said that show creator Bryan Fuller has an idea that would wrap up most of the plotlines left unresolved at the end of the second season. She has said that the core cast would almost certainly reunite for a movie and that Paul Reubens may even reprise his role as Oscar Vibenius from the first season if the movie went forward.

Bad news is that even if this movie did happen, it seems unlikely that it would lead to new episodes seeing as Fuller as already returned to Heroes and Cheneweth is now contracted to David E. Kelly's new show on NBC, Legally Mad. However, I think the movie idea presents a good opportunity on how to approach AMC. Get them interested in producing that, and, based on how it does, perhaps they could use that as a launching point for a third season if they could work out some sort of deal with Fuller and the main cast.

Following is the letter that I have written to AMC addressing the idea. If we all continue to communicate with them and let them know how much we love the show, maybe they will greenlight the movie. It definitely can't hurt to try.

Letter to AMC:

To the Program Directors of AMC,

I am writing this letter to request that you consider adding Pushing Daisies to the current line of original programming on your network. This is an excellent and unique series unlike anything on television and a shining example of quality programming that won an Emmy last year and will almost certainly receive attention from those awards this year. As you know, ABC recently cancelled the series and I believe that AMC would be perfect as a new home for the show as you have already demonstrated a commitment to quality television with such programming as Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Pushing Daisies would be the perfect complement to these two excellent shows.

Daisies would also bring a built in fan base which would certainly follow it to your network. These fans lobbied hard for ABC to continue the series demonstrated by the letters, daisies, seeds, and pies sent to the network. An online petition created to show support for the series has received almost 80,000 signatures as of this writing (

Series creator Bryan Fuller has publicly stated that he has an idea for a movie to continue the series. This would perhaps present your network with an excellent starting point to pickup the franchise. With your support, Fuller’s movie could wrap-up the current storylines and present a launching point for a continuation of the show beloved by so many fans such as myself.

Please consider adding Pushing Daisies to your original programming as it would fit very well with your current line-up and continue to demonstrate your commitment to quality television.

Thank you for you consideration and thank you for keeping quality programming alive on television.


2scots said...

I think that your letter to AMC is beautifully written. Do you know if anyone has received anything back in the mail from writing AMC besides emails?


Sara D. said...

Great job with the letter :) I only recently discovered Pushing Daisies, but am already re-watching episodes and dreading watching the few I have left, because I don't want that to be the end!
I signed the online petition, and look forward to hearing about anything happening or anything that we can do do help.
Take care,

Jeamy said...

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KelsiB said...

I have read your letter to AMC and I have to agree that cancelling the show is a major faux pas on their part. Pushing Daisies is the most beautiful tv show I have ever seen. I tell all of my friends about it. They had the best writing in a tv show. I loved the comedy in the show and I have come to love Ned, Chuck, Olive, and Emmerson. One could have not asked for a better cast. The cinematography is out of this world. Half fantasy, half reality was perfect for the fantasy show. With a great premise that in time could bring more curious people to the audience. I will enjoy the last three episodes and I will purchase the second season DVD set as I have already bought the first season and If there is a movie based on the show I will purchase that as well. I only buy the best programs. The programs one can watch over and over again and never tire of it. Like good literature, Pushing Daisies will be enjoyed over and over again

Anonymous said...

Where do you send it??

J. Chiou said...

Did you ever hear back from them? I think them airing the last 3 episodes has even gotten quite a number of new followers. A few of my coworkers just discovered it, and was totally bummed to hear that it was actually cancelled.

Chris said...

The last 3 episodes were indeed aired, and they were all so great! But the last was sad, although a "cute" leaves many unasnswered questions. In a way, this is good, because now we as fans might get that movie, or maybe another smart network may even pick it up! I will also buy both DVD's to support this cause. Pushing Dasies, along with Fringe are probably the best TV programs we have seen in a long time for sure. I hope everyone will join all fans in the cause!It will be ABC's stupid decision that will haunt them down the road for sure. Thank you.

Sheeni said...

Please keep us updated. i know this post is like what 8 months old. but i don't mind. I'd love to hear their decisions on movie ideas and what not. =]

Karen said...

Hello all---I just finished the second season and feel that this amazing show has to continue in some way! We live in such a bizarre world that reality shows are the farthest thing from 'reality' and 'real' news is utterly depressing. To create a magical world in which people speak in this amazing cadence and imagine whimsical endings allows all of us to think, "What if..".

Thank you to everyone who cares so much about this show!

dorsey said...

you r write Karen i also watch Pushing Daisies season 2.season 2 is more interesting . i love this season.

Anonymous said...












Teresa said...

Here is the address to ABC to lobby for them bringing back Daisies in case anyone is interested in writing them!

ABC, 500 S. Buena Vista St., Burbank, CA 91521-4551

But hopefully another network will pick it up and it'll become a smash hit and ABC will regret ever letting it go!

Nel said...

Thank you very much!!!
I wish with all of my heart that they continue this wonderful show...
Save Pushing Daisies!!
Thank you again.

Jake said...

Pushing Daisies movie petition!!!

alisha said...

Pushing Daisies is an amazing TV series where characters performing their roles outstandingly. Overall its good show. I like it very much.

twiter said...

Pushing Daisies is my favorite tv show. Because of its wonderful story. In this serial I like work of Ned. First season of it is very emotional. I cannot forget any episode of this season. I will watch Pushing Daisies online also.

RUAIRI said...

PLease try hard a see if they would pick it up because i loved it!

オテモヤン said...


TogetherForGood♥ Angie said...

Our family just found this show recently. We love it! Smart, witty, prosaic, the scenery...what isn't to love!

We watch it via Netflix streaming.

We lived in England from Aug 07 - Dec 09 and if we'd found it while living there we'd have bought it on dvd to watch it!

I can't believe how many awards the show won!

How can it not be brought back to life!!


justin holt said...

I have seen these type of tv shows and movies. But now I am watching reality shows and Big Brother is my favorite tv show.

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