Friday, October 31, 2008

The First Shipment is Away!!!!

I just placed the order for the first shipment to be delivered on Monday, November 3rd. I ordered three of the arrangements pictured here from 1-800 Flowers (not a sponsored link). Following is the message that I included with the shipments:

The fans of Pushing Daisies would like to brighten your day with this shipment of daisies. We hope that you continue to brighten our days by keeping our beloved show on the air.

Merchandise Amount: $107.97
Service Charge: $13.99
Tax: $10.06
Order Total: $132.02

Campaign Information through 10/31:
Approx Donations: $125
High Donation: $50
Shipment totals: $132
Net Balance: -$7

Please keep the donations coming so that we can ship as many daisies to ABC as possible in the coming weeks!!!!!

If anybody knows of another flower delivery service that might be cheaper (but still provide good quality) or a local vendor that would work with us, please let me know. I am using 1-800 Flowers because they are convenient (quick, easy online ordering). Also, I am sending arrangements instead of bulk shipments of daisies because I am worried that the bulk shipments might get thrown away. I figure that they can place the arrangements around their offices and/or take them home.

Online Petition Update:
18,170 signatures as of this posting.


Martin McPherson said...

Good job! Thanks for keeping at em there in California, and organizing us loyal Crazy Daisies!

Anonymous said...

I found a flower shop in Burbank that offers free local delivery that might be able to help you. Here's their website address:

LOVE that you are doing this! I love this show and I don't want it to get cancelled!

Anonymous said...












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