Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Second Shipment is Away!!!

Just placed the order for shipment number two to be delivered tomorrow. I ordered two of the daisy baskets pictured here from 1-800 Flowers (not a sponsored link). I did receive some information on some local florists and will probably look at using those for future deliveries. Following is the message that I included with the flowers:

More fans of Pushing Daisies would like to brighten your day with flowers. Please keep our favorite show on the air!!! See our online petition at:

Merchandise Amount: $69.98
Online Coupon: -$10.00
Service Charge: $13.99
Tax: $6.10
Order Total: $80.07

Campaign Information through 11/05:
Received Donations: $166
Pending Donations: $50
High Donation: $50
Shipment totals: $212
Net Balance: $4

Please keep those donations coming!!!!

Online Petition Update:
27,116 signatures as of this posting


Anonymous said...

You should read the tips on
they got them from an insider. Perhaps you could save money by sending daisy seeds instead. These are getting noticed by ABC.

Anonymous said...

Umm... You are making some people(& probably their wives)in the Disney mailroom really happy. Sending the flower deliver just to ABC and not addressing it to Steve Mcpherson or Anne Sweeney means these daisies are going nowhere. How do I know? I worked there.

webmaster said...

I will get Steve's and Ann's names added to future shipments. Ultimately, I am not as concerned about who ends up with the daisies so long as they do not get thrown away and ABC knows that they are coming in.

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