Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Still Sending Daisies

We need to be sure to get the word out to watch Pushing Daisies the next two weeks, because ABC will be keeping a close eye on the numbers. I the mean time, I just sent another shipment of daisies that they should receive today with the following message:

We hope that you are enjoying all the flowers we have sent and we hope that you will allow Pushing Daisies to live on. We love the show and would dearly miss it if it was gone.

Order Information:
Merchandise Amount: $141.96
Service Charge: $13.99
Less $10 Coupon -$10.00
Tax: $12.04
Order Total: $157.99

Campaign Information through 11/18:
Received Donations: $1315
Pending Donations: $0
High Donation: $100
Shipment totals: $1295
Net Balance: $20

Keep those donations coming in and keep writing to ABC!!!

Online Petition Update:
40,356 signatures as of this posting


Anonymous said...

Thought you might enjoy this CLEARLY UNDOCTORED photo:

And the perfect sign for ABC protests:

Anonymous said...

I will dearly miss Pushing Daisies.
There is not another show out there like it. I think that this show would also be great for Showtime or HBO. This is a great show with such a strong following that i think it would be great in either network. I hate to see it leave, and although I am enjoying my Saturdays watching the last episodes I am also very sad at the thought that we will never find out what happens to the characters.

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