Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ratings Update for Wednesday - November 19, 2008

The news is not good on the first episode of Pushing Daisies to air since before Halloween. It had its lowest numbers of the season and lost around 700k viewers from its first half hour to its second. It also lost out in the 18-49 demographic to the season finale of America's Next Top Model. Of course a two week hiatus often leads to a drop in viewers, and would it have killed ABC to run a few promos for the show? I watch Desperate Housewives and Life on Mars each week, and never saw a promo for the show. ABC was looking at this night's numbers pretty close, and I don't think they will give the show a break for having been on a hiatus. And next Wednesday will almost certainly see no improvement as it is the night before Thanksgiving which is typically a low viewership time for the networks. All we can do at this point is cross our fingers and keep sending donations for daisies and continue to write to ABC.

8 PM EST Timeslot:

1 - Bones (10.73 million viewers, 3.1 rating)
2 - The New Adventures of Old Christine / Gary Unmarried (8.12 million viewers, 2.6 rating)
3 - Knight Rider (5.12 million viewers, 1.5 rating)
4 - Pushing Daisies (4.86 million viewers, 1.8 rating)
5 - America’s Next Top Model (4.80 million viewers, 2.3 rating)

Rating is for the 18-49 demographic. (Source:

More Ratings info for the current Prime Time Science Fiction and Fantasy shows


April said...

It's frustrating that ABC never aired any promos that I saw leading up to Wednesday's episode. At Pushing Daisies TV they're pushing for "Move Pushing Daisies" Campaign (to another network.) I think that's what we should start doing. I'm emailing and writing letters to Warner Bros TV and even sent AMC an email regarding putting PD on their network alongside Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

Matthew A said...

It's canceled.

Anonymous said...


joy said...

When I first tuned in to tis show,it is my guilty pleasure all the way!! I expected to be bored, and to find it very very stupid. I didn't. This show is actually serious fun. I read on one of the other reviews that it makes you wonder if you have what it takes to be America's Next top model. And it so does! Who doesn't love the glamour and excitement that come with being a model?

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