Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Shipment is on the Way

Just placed another order for an assortment of daisy arrangements (one is pictured here). I made sure to put it to the attention of Steve McPherson and Anne Sweeney and following is the message that went with it:

The fans of Pushing Daisies would like to brighten your day with these flowers. Please allow our favorite show to continue for a full season.

I will also be sending a follow-up letter addressed to Steve and Anne summarizing the donations and shipments so far so that they can get a good overview of the support for this campaign. I will place the next order tomorrow (I am trying to space these out so that they receive a shipment almost daily).

Order Information:
Merchandise Amount: $209.95
Service Charge: $13.99
15% Promo Discount -$31.50
Tax: $15.88
Order Total: $208.32

Campaign Information through 11/10:
Received Donations: $890
Pending Donations: $60
High Donation: $100
Shipment totals: $785
Net Balance: $165

Please keep those donations coming!!!!

Online Petition Update:
34,203 signatures as of this posting


Anonymous said...

Just that flower set cost $200?

webmaster said...

It was six different arrangements, but yes, even after the 15% discount, it came up to $200 with shipping and tax. But for flower delivery, that's not bad at all because I shopped around. This is also why I am recommending that we shift our efforts and look at other ways to spend the donations (see the main post on the site: I think we have sent a good message with the flower shipments, now maybe we can expand our scope and look at ways to spend the money that will benefit others yet still show ABC our dedication to the show.

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