Saturday, November 15, 2008

Get the Word Out: Watch Pushing Daisies this Wednesday!!!

Kristin Dos Santos from has heard from Brian Fuller that ABC has not made a decision on canceling Pushing Daisies yet. The word is that they will watch the ratings closely over the next two weeks to see how it performs after returning from its two week hiatus. Get the word out to as many people as you can to watch the show in the coming two weeks.

I also heard an idea on one of the forums that makes a lot of sense. Watch the show online as well, because ABC should know exactly how many online viewers it has. This gives them a better idea of the numbers because it is not using the sampling methods that the Nielsens rely on. The current week's episode is not available until the following day, but you can watch prior episodes and re-watch this week's episode on Thursday (you can never get too much Pushing Daisies). Every little bit counts, especially right now while they are focusing closely on the show and are in the process of making a decision about its future.

Also, keep those donations coming in and keep writing to ABC so that we can get the message out that we want to keep Pushing Daisies on the air!!!


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