Monday, November 10, 2008

Letter to Steve McPherson and Anne Sweeney

Below is the letter I am sending to Steve McPherson and Anne Sweeney about our campaign. I will be faxing it and sending it by certified mail.

ABC is making their decisions on the schedule for the remainder of the season now, so we need to do everything we can to get our message out. Keep sending in the donations, writing to ABC, and be sure you signed the Online Petition.


Dear Mr. McPherson / Ms. Sweeney,

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of the fans of Pushing Daisies to let you know about our efforts to send a message about how much we love this show and how we would dearly appreciate it if you would keep it on the air for at least its full second season. We realize that ratings have been low this season, and we are doing our part to mobilize viewers. We have also been sending letters, signing the online petition (over 34,300 signatures as of this writing), sending daisy seeds, and sending daisies to show our support for the show. I have been heading up the “Send a Daisy” campaign and below is a summary of the donations and shipments so far:

Received Donations: $950
High Donation: $100
Flower/Seed Shipment totals: $785
“Send a Daisy” Website:

Online Petition Website:

We realize that you often have to make some difficult choices on which shows to keep on the air and which shows to cancel, and we realize that the ratings are often the cold, hard determining factor. If you could please see you way to allowing Pushing Daisies to stay on the air at least for a full second season, we would greatly appreciate. We believe that would give this Emmy-winning show a chance to rebuild its audience or at least allow the creative team the chance to provide a satisfying wrap-up for the series (a definite plus for the subsequent DVD sales).

We appreciate your commitment to quality television and realize that shows like Pushing Daisies, Lost, Desperate Housewives, and Life on Mars represent superior choices among Prime Time television fare. We hope that you will take into consideration the critical praise and awards that Pushing Daisies has received as well as its loyal following when making your scheduling decisions for the remainder of the current season.

We thank you for you consideration and thank you for keeping quality programming alive on Prime Time television.