Thursday, November 13, 2008

One More Shipment Hits the Road!!!

Just placed another order for several arrangements of daisies with the following message:

Please enjoy these flowers and please give Pushing Daisies the chance to grow with a full season pickup.

Order Information:
Merchandise Amount: $155.96
Service Charge: $13.99
Less $10 Coupon -$10.00
Tax: $13.20
Order Total: $173.15
(Note that the order total is the same as the last time, but the arrangements were different.)

Campaign Information through 11/13:
Received Donations: $1185
Pending Donations: $0
High Donation: $100
Shipment totals: $1135
Net Balance: $50

Keep those donations coming!!!!

Online Petition Update:
37,127 signatures as of this posting


Anonymous said...

hey, yeah can we get some of those? WB 4000 warner blvd, bldg 4 burbank
I hope abc isn't just letting those sit in their mail room! they better appreciate the loyal and supportive fan base PD has.

Anonymous said...

Have you been making sure they get to McPherson? Thanks for all the updates! :)


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