Friday, November 28, 2008

Ratings Update for Wednesday - November 26, 2008

No good news here on the ratings, but then we expected the numbers to be low on the night before Thanksgiving (all shows saw a dip from previous weeks). Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that the December airings will see much of an improvement.

8 PM EST Timeslot:
1 - Bones (9.76 million viewers, 2.7 rating)
2 - The New Adventures of Old Christine / Gary Unmarried (7.66 million viewers, 2.1 rating)
3 - Rosie Live (5.04 million viewers, 1.2 rating)
4 - Pushing Daisies (4.45 million viewers, 1.2 rating)
5 - America’s Next Top Model (.99 million viewers, 0.4 rating)

Rating is for the 18-49 demographic. (Source:

More Ratings info for the current Prime Time Science Fiction and Fantasy shows


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